Hello to all my fellow quilters, customers, friends,

After much prayer and consideration I have made the decision to close my retail shop. My life is changing and I am being lead in different directions. I will continue my longarm quilting and want to spend more time on that area of my business. I do not feel that I am able to spend as much time putting the effort needed to run my shop the way I feel it should be ran.. As my kids get older and I am going to their events and helping more on the farm/ranch, I just do not have the time needed to continue with the shop. I am currently trying to sell the inventory to anyone interested in a lump sum purchase. If the inventory is not sold I will be having a clearance sale. Please shop the website as I am not maintaining regular shop hours.

I have enjoyed serving all of you for the last 9+ years and will miss your friendship. I have been blessed with all of your business, friendship, support and encouragement.


Everything is on sale so stock up now!
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