Long Arm Quilting Service

Long arm quilting services are a specialty at Rambling Rose Quilt Shop. We take pride in our long arm quilting service and put our talent into the services we offer. Rambling Rose Quilt Shop has been offering our long arm quilting services to the public for Four years. We have a two month turn around time on our quilting services. 

Rambling Rose Quilt Shop uses an A-1 long arm quilting machine for our long arm quilting service. Our long arm table is large enough to quilt tops up to 110 inches wide. This means we can handle all of your quilt projects from your table runners to your California king quilts. We offer simple panto designs (edge-to-edge), clear up to a custom design to fit the needs of your quilt top and desires of your heart.

While your quilt top is in our smoke free, pet free quilt shop, we promise to treat it like one of our very own treasures. With our long arm quilting service, we will take your Long Arm Quilting Servicesquilt top and turn it into an heirloom. Rambling Rose Quilt shop has numerous patterns, designs and colors of thread that we utilize with our long arm quilting. So, let Rambling Rose Quilt Shop turn all of your quilt tops into heirlooms with our long arm quilting services.

For more information on our long arm quilting service, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone: 719-767-2813. We really want to be "your one stop quilt shop!"